Why and what made us create this educational site?

Being part of the large community of Punahou with 3,744 students, I [Sascha Pakravan] always wondered where all of my classmates would be after they graduate, in terms of careers. This question inspired me to perform a quick survey of over 120 students from different grades, regarding their goals. Conclusively, I determined that approximately 45% had no definitive goals, passions for specific jobs, or ideas of careers they would pursue after high school. This statistic was staggering to me.

The following was a common and recurring response:

The unprecedented circumstances of COVID-19 made it nearly impossible for any of us to engage in any extracurricular activities and/or internships; we were deprived of any exposure to our potential future careers. Thus, I decided to provide an informative, parallel experience to students at home. Our mission is to cohesively educate and inform the community with career research and intuitive experiences.