The Program

Who am I? What are my goals? What comes after high school?

  • What is it like to work in the healthcare field?
  • What about aeronautics, or the computer industry?
  • Should I get job at a food factory?
  • Do I really like and fit in the construction field, or I am better off being an educator or a sales and marketing representative? Which one of these do I enjoy?

These are some of the questions that culminate in an average high school student’s mind every day. These questions generate a lot of doubt in students’ decision making due to a lack of basic knowledge of the different fields of work; this problem is further exacerbated by an inability to gain any work experience as an intern, due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Our program provides you with a comprehensive insight into the most popular
careers and in-demand degrees in United States. Our videos and/or presentation segments will offer:

  • An intuitive feel/understanding of a profession’s environment;
  • Video segments, some with an expert Q&A
  • Informational facts including: schooling, potential salaries, job growth, etc.